Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Don't Let Me Drown"

"Don't Let Me Drown" is a film that I had a supporting role in. It was directed by Cruz Angeles, a very talented filmmaker who just directed an ESPN "30 for 30" documentary. My character is Ray and the experience I had filming this movie was phenomenal. The entire cast & crew are good people and we continue to keep in contact. This is how I met Moises Acevedo, who plays the role of "Tone" in "Kings of Bushwick." Now, after making its way through the global film festival circuit, it was picked up by HBO, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and is on DVD at! Overall, the film is very well put together with a love story that takes place during the trying time period after 9/11. Go cop your very own copy of "Don't Let Me Drown" on DVD and enjoy!



Link for DVD is below:

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